Craft Shop Building Project

The Hartman Center Craft Shop

The Hartman Center Craft Shop

Some of us are working on a plan that would make the work on the Craft Building cost effective AND by volunteer labor. First….

This story……

In 2007, Eli Frailey, 5 year old son of Deb and Peter Frailey died as a result of an accident. That same year, Abigail Butz, 10 month old daughter of Kristine and Tim Butz died of a rare disease. Both families had been, and continue to be, outstanding leaders in summer camping programs at Hartman Center. In fact, that following year, 2008, both the Fraileys and the Butzs directed Family Camps. This summer, Kristine and Tim Butz are directing Getting Started Camp and an Intergenerational Camp. Deb Frailey is directing Arts and Crafts Camp.

Eli Frailey

Eli and Peter Frailey

The Craft Shop at Hartman Center is a place filled with memories. Over the years, every camper in our summer program has spent time there creating artistic expressions, using the most natural of items, like rocks (to paint), or recycled materials (making treasures out of trash). Today, the Craft Shop, while structurally sound, is in need of a new roof, new windows, and some inside renovation so that future campers can continue to make memories there.

This year, 2019 , Eli Frailey would have been graduating from high school. Abigail Butz would be in middle school. When the families were approached with the idea of making renovations to the Craft Shop in memory of Eli and Abigail, everyone liked the idea. What better way to raise funds and garner the support of volunteer workers to provide the labor for the work needed.

Abigail Butz

Abigail Butz and family

How much would be needed? We estimate $7,000 would get the job done. The thought of having a GO FUND ME appeal was considered, BUT we didn’t want to have to spend money to raise money. We believe that by using our own Hartman Center website and especially the Hartman Center Facebook page , we can raise the dollars needed. Any funds raised in excess of the Craft Shop project will be used for renovations of Michaux Lodge.

No contribution is too small:

Give online to the Hartman Center
Craft Building Project

Or if you prefer, you can mail a check payable to Penn Central Conference to: Penn Central Conference , 900 S. Arlington Ave. Rm. 227A, Harrisburg, PA 17109.

We expect renovations to be made this summer and early fall with a special dedication to occur at the Hartman Center Fall Festival, October 12, 2019.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

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